Montagna is a small artisan company located in the North Italy.
The founder and owner of the company, Giorgio Montagna, deals with the complete design and construction of all the components produced by the enterprise.
The company has been designing and producing loudspeakers since 1966. The loudspeaker SPARK-03 has been designed in 2003, it is a project of high technology adressed to people interested in having an intense emotion by listening to music of an incredible realistic effect and who are looking for an unique product.

All the components are entirely designed and produced in Italy by our company. Each loudspeaker is a limited edition product.

We are the only producers of loudspeakers who use transducers with magnet in Maxalco C.O. (Alnico V with oriented crystals). This is a type of magnet which nowadays can hardly be found on the market.
The new loudspeaker project is the model SPARK-03/CFC. The woofer box is made up with panels of aluminum honeycomb grid filled with structural polyuretane at 120 Shore, these are the same materials used in the aeronautical industry with the aim of obtaining a resonance frequency out of the woofer working .

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